Patra Trading: Your Ultimate Guide to Clothing Sizes, Socks, Gloves, and Bedding

Patra Trading: Your Ultimate Guide to Clothing Sizes, Socks, Gloves, and Bedding

Welcome, Sobat! Looking for the perfect fit? Whether it’s clothing, socks, gloves, or bedding, Patra Trading has got you covered. As a seasoned individual with extensive experience in the world of Patra Trading, I am here to guide you through the intricacies of finding the right size for your needs. So, sit back, relax, and let’s delve into the vast universe of Patra Trading!

Women’s Size Guide at Patra Trading

Discover Your Perfect Fit with UK Sizes and Measurements

Women's Clothing Sizes

When it comes to women’s clothing, Patra Trading understands that the right fit can make all the difference. Our size guide offers a range of UK sizes, ensuring that every woman can find her perfect fit. Let’s dive into the specific measurements for each UK size:

  • XS (8): Bust – 33 inches, Waist – 25 inches, Hips – 35 inches
  • S (10-12): Bust – 35-36 inches, Waist – 27-28 inches, Hips – 37-38 inches
  • M (14): Bust – 37 inches, Waist – 29 inches, Hips – 39 inches
  • L (16): Bust – 39 inches, Waist – 31 inches, Hips – 41 inches
  • XL (18): Bust – 41 inches, Waist – 33 inches, Hips – 43 inches
  • 2XL (20): Bust – 43 inches, Waist – 35 inches, Hips – 45 inches
  • 3XL (22): Bust – 45 inches, Waist – 37 inches, Hips – 47 inches

Patra Trading caters to women of all sizes, ensuring that everyone can enjoy our high-quality clothing. With our detailed measurements, you can shop confidently knowing that you’ll find a size that fits you perfectly.

Men’s Size Guide at Patra Trading

Find Your Ideal Fit with UK Sizes and Accurate Measurements

Men's Clothing Sizes

At Patra Trading, we believe that every man deserves to look and feel his best. Our men’s size guide covers a range of UK sizes, so you can easily find the perfect fit for your style. Take a look at the measurements for each UK size:

  • XS: Collar – 14.5 inches, Chest – 34 inches, Waist – 28 inches
  • S: Collar – 15 inches, Chest – 36 inches, Waist – 30 inches
  • M: Collar – 16 inches, Chest – 38 inches, Waist – 32 inches
  • L: Collar – 17 inches, Chest – 40 inches, Waist – 34 inches
  • XL: Collar – 17.5 inches, Chest – 42 inches, Waist – 36 inches
  • 2XL: Collar – 18 inches, Chest – 44 inches, Waist – 38 inches

With our men’s size guide, you can confidently browse our collections, knowing that the clothes will fit you perfectly. Whether you’re looking for a formal shirt, a cozy sweater, or a comfortable pair of pants, Patra Trading has got you covered.

Children’s Size Guide at Patra Trading

Helping Your Little Ones Always Look Their Best

Children's Clothing Sizes

Patra Trading understands that children grow up so quickly. That’s why we offer a comprehensive size guide for children aged 2-15 years old. Finding the right size ensures that your little ones always look their best. Let’s explore the measurements for each age range:

  • Age 2-3: Chest – 20 inches, Waist – 19.5 inches
  • Age 4-5: Chest – 21 inches, Waist – 20 inches
  • Age 6-7: Chest – 23 inches, Waist – 22 inches
  • Age 8-9: Chest – 25 inches, Waist – 23 inches
  • Age 10-11: Chest – 27 inches, Waist – 24 inches
  • Age 12-13: Chest – 31 inches, Waist – 27 inches
  • Age 14-15: Chest – 33 inches, Waist – 29 inches

From adorable dresses to dashing suits for boys, Patra Trading has a wide range of children’s clothing to choose from. Our size guide ensures that you can easily find the perfect fit for your little fashionistas.

Sock Sizes at Patra Trading

Step into Comfort with Socks for Every Shoe Size

Sock Sizes

Are your feet longing for cozy comfort? Patra Trading has an array of socks for all shoe sizes. Our sock size guide ensures that your feet are pampered with the perfect fit. Take a look at our sock sizes and their corresponding shoe sizes:

Sock Size Shoe Size
Small US 5-7
Medium US 7-10
Large US 10-13

With our wide range of sock sizes, you can say goodbye to uncomfortable socks that squeeze or slide off your feet. Slip into the perfect pair of socks from Patra Trading and enjoy ultimate comfort all day long.

Gloves Size Guide at Patra Trading

Keep Your Hands Warm with Gloves That Fit Perfectly

Gloves Sizes

When the weather turns chilly, your hands deserve the warmth and protection of well-fitting gloves. Patra Trading offers a variety of glove sizes to ensure a snug fit. Discover the measurement ranges for each glove size:

  • Small: Hand Circumference – 7-7.5 inches
  • Medium: Hand Circumference – 8-8.5 inches
  • Large: Hand Circumference – 9-9.5 inches
  • XL: Hand Circumference – 10-10.5 inches

Whether you need gloves for everyday wear or specific activities like sports or gardening, Patra Trading has got the perfect fit for you. Keep your hands warm and cozy with our gloves that provide both comfort and style.

Bedding Size Guide at Patra Trading

Experience the Ultimate Comfort with Perfectly Sized Bedding

Bedding Sizes

Transform your bedroom into a sanctuary of comfort with Patra Trading’s luxurious bedding. Our bedding size guide will ensure that you find the perfect fit for your mattress. Explore the different sizes available:

  • Single: Dimensions – 90 x 190 cm
  • Double: Dimensions – 135 x 190 cm
  • King: Dimensions – 150 x 200 cm
  • Super King: Dimensions – 180 x 200 cm

Indulge in the softness and luxury of our bedding, knowing that it perfectly matches the size of your bed. Experience a blissful night’s sleep surrounded by the comfort of Patra Trading’s beautifully designed bedding.

A Detailed Breakdown of Patra Trading’s Sizing Information

Let’s take a closer look at the detailed breakdown of Patra Trading’s sizing information. This comprehensive table provides all the necessary measurements and dimensions for each product category, ensuring that you can easily find the perfect fit:

Product Category Size Guide Additional Information
Women’s Clothing UK Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL Measurements for Bust, Waist, and Hips
Men’s Clothing UK Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL, 2XL Measurements for Collar, Chest, and Waist
Children’s Clothing Age ranges: 2-15 years old Measurements for Chest and Waist
Socks Sizes: Small, Medium, Large Corresponding shoe sizes provided
Gloves Sizes: Small, Medium, Large, XL Measurement ranges provided
Bedding Sizes: Single, Double, King, Super King Dimensions provided

With this detailed breakdown, you can easily navigate the vast range of sizing information offered by Patra Trading. Finding the perfect fit has never been easier!

Frequently Asked Questions About Patra Trading

1. Can I exchange an item if it doesn’t fit?

Yes, Patra Trading offers hassle-free exchanges. Simply follow the instructions on our website to exchange the item for a different size.

2. Are Patra Trading’s clothing sizes true to the measurements provided?

Yes, we take pride in ensuring that our clothing sizes match the measurements provided in our size guide. However, we always recommend checking the specific measurements for each item before making a purchase.

3. Do you ship internationally?

Yes, Patra Trading offers international shipping. We deliver our products worldwide to ensure that everyone can enjoy the perfect fit.

4. Can I return an item if I’m not satisfied with the fit?

Absolutely! At Patra Trading, customer satisfaction is our top priority. If you’re not completely satisfied with the fit, you can return the item and receive a refund.

5. How accurate are the measurements for children’s clothing?

Our measurements for children’s clothing are based on standard sizing charts. However, please keep in mind that children’s growth can vary. We recommend using our measurements as a general guideline and adjusting accordingly.

6. Are Patra Trading’s gloves suitable for different hand shapes?

Yes, our gloves are designed to accommodate various hand shapes. The measurement ranges provided in our size guide ensure a comfortable fit for most individuals.

7. Does Patra Trading offer size customization?

Currently, Patra Trading does not offer size customization. However, we strive to provide a wide range of sizes to cater to different body types.

8. Are Patra Trading’s bedding sizes suitable for standard mattresses?

Yes, our bedding sizes are designed to fit most standard mattresses. However, we recommend checking the specific dimensions of your mattress before making a purchase to ensure a perfect fit.

9. Can I find a size guide for other products on Patra Trading’s website?

Yes, Patra Trading provides detailed size guides for various products, including clothing, socks, gloves, and bedding. Simply visit our website and navigate to the specific product category to find the size guide you need.

10. How often does Patra Trading update its size guides?

Patra Trading strives to provide accurate and up-to-date size guides. We review and update our size guides regularly to ensure that our customers have the most current information for their perfect fit.

In Conclusion

Now that you’re armed with Patra Trading’s comprehensive size guide, you can confidently find the perfect fit for all your clothing, socks, gloves, and bedding needs. Explore our wide range of sizes and enjoy the comfortable, stylish products that Patra Trading has to offer. Don’t let ill-fitting items cramp your style – choose Patra Trading for a flawless fit in every aspect of your life.

For more detailed information on women’s clothing sizes, men’s clothing sizes, children’s clothing sizes, socks, gloves, and bedding, I invite you to check out our other articles. Dive deeper into each topic and unlock the secrets to a perfect fit with Patra Trading.

And remember, Sobat, your perfect fit is just a click away. Happy shopping and enjoy the comfort and style that Patra Trading brings to your world!

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